Water Sports

River Rafting at Goa

Monsoons are always enticing, exciting and enthralling at Goa. We would say enjoy your monsoons at Goa with Goa Explocation.

What comes to your creative skull when we talk about monsoon and Goa? Rightly judged, ‘River Rafting’!

Amid the scenery of Jungle and riding on boat along the waves of moody Mhadei river, you will feel like you are in the heaven.

Goa was awarded as the ‘Best place for Relaxation’ in 2014 by Lonely Planet and it has lived up to the expectations of visitors and the image since ever. Relaxation without water sports at Goa will be an insult for the pristine waters and holiday lifestyle you may get at Goa.

 Monsoon! Goa! Water Sports!

All these brings us to the main point. River Rafting at Mhadei river should always be in your check list while coming at Goa in monsoons and you want to try some water sports.

Usually, river rafting takes place from June to October. Best time that no one else will suggest but Goa Explocation with its experience suggests is September and October. During this months, Mhadie river has enough water to create exhilarating and breathtaking waves which are necessary for river rafting.

What else will you get while taking this trip with Goa Explocation?

As said before, that Mhadei river is location amid the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary. We at Goa Explocation give you a chance to watch the wildlife sanctuary in combination with river rafting.

What? You may have this question in your mind. Yes, you are supposed to have the question. But yes, we also provide jeep safari till the river. You may capture some amazing, worth watching moments in your camera while covering the wildlife sanctuary.

What is the price?

Don’t worry! We just take a pocket expense of yours as our fee for the trip. You may avail this trip at a worth of Rs. _______.

Don’t miss this opportunity of becoming a part of some enthralling moments of river rafting at Mhadei river in Goa.

PRICE ₹ 1899.00

Age 10+
Skill Level Non-swimmer
Available Time Slot 10:30 AM to 02:30 PM
Duration 3 Hours
Location North Goa

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Initial Payment
Additional Per.
Total 1899.00
  • Report to the Given Location
  • 2 hours trip
  • Jeep safari till Rafting point
  • Rafting Equipment
  • Instructor
  1. Cancellation or rescheduling is not allowed within 12 hours of journey time.
  2. 50% of payments will be deducted if the confirmed ticket is cancelled.
  3. In-case of Bus AC failure, Rs.50 will be returned back through bank transfer only.
  4. Full refund in-case of Bus breakdown or cancellation of bus due to unavoidable circumstances
  5. Refund if any will be processed in your account in 7 working days.


  • Wear Swim wear, Tee shirt, shorts or tights
  • Don’t wear loose clothes
  • Do not wear valuable things like watch, jewelry or anything you can loose
  • Customers are responsible for their belongings
  •  No food or drinks provided
  • Rafting is not allowed for heart patients and pregnant women
  • Towels
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Wear strap on rainy sandals that will give you a grip when in water
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks

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